Z (naj)nowszej literatury polskiej. Rozwijająca się droga Andrzeja Stasiuka na Wschód

  1. Bogdan Mazan


(Most) recent Polish literature. Andrzej Stasiuk’s road to the East

The article deals with the recent book by the well-known poet, essayist and playwright Andrzej Stasiuk, Wschód [East] (2014). The background for the analysis is provided by the books Stasiuk has read and written, also biographical ones, as well as the varied literature on the subject, including cultural texts, internet sources, periodicals, studies, reviews, interviews, photographs, films, and publications of other authors dealing with the Far East. The main aim is to demonstrate how in Stasiuk’s original approach to reminiscing and autobiographical travel prose, which he once called “Slavic on the Road”, various motifs associated with a broadly defined East are developing, motifs of childhood and adulthood, family experiences, everyday reality (but uniquely appreciated), historical-political layers and cultural layers, unique mysticism, symbolism, utopia as well as sensual, very visual and sensitive imagination. They culminate in interesting snapshot ideas of Chinese culture and prophetic images of China.

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Prace Literackie

55, 2015

Pages from 169 to 184

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