Skarby kultury polskiej na Wyspie Świętego Ludwika w Paryżu

  1. Franciszek Ziejka


The treasures of Polish culture on the Île Saint-Louis in Paris

The article discusses the most valuable literature and art collections of the Polish Library in Paris established by Polish post-uprising refugees in 1839 at 6 Quai d’Orléans. The Library, which did not share the fate of other national libraries, destroyed during the Second World War, is today undoubtedly one of the most important Polish cultural institutions not only outside Poland. Among the book collections particularly worthy of note are priceless volumes, autographs of Polish rulers and writers, archives and collections concerning Poland’s history in the partition period, archives of Polish institutions and organisations operating in France, rich private archives of Polish refugees, e.g. of the Czartoryski family, of Juliusz Słowacki, Adam Krasiński, as well as biographic material, e.g. concerning Olga Boznańska. The author of the article also discusses collections of institutions co-existing with the Polish Library: Adam Mickiewicz Museum in Paris, the so-called Chopin Salon (one of the rooms in the Paris Library) and Bolesław Biegas Museum as well as other art collections kept in the Polish Library in Paris.

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Prace Literackie

55, 2015

Pages from 17 to 33

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