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Bohater i przestrzeń w "Sonetach Krymskich" Adama Mickiewicza

  1. Małgorzata Jaśkiewicz


The protagonist and space in Sonety krymskie [Crimean Sonnets] by Adam Mickiewicz


This text focuses mainly on the protagonist and space in Adam Mickiewicz’s Crimean Sonnets. The author believes that it is worth re-examining the construction and meaning of the protagonist of the poems, and thus filling certain gaps and broadening certain aspects which, so far, have been only suggested in the literature on the subject. In order to get closer to the most important matter, the author precedes her analysis with an examination of the sense and the meaning of poetic wandering according to an assumption that the essence of Mickiewicz’s protagonist’s travel does not lie in the reality of the visited country. What is important is the very concept and the status of the protagonist — the Pilgrim. In addition, the author focuses on the problem of two subjectivities: eastern and western. The study also explores space, both in terms of space creation and space symbolism. The author assumes that space refl ects the way the protagonist perceives reality. This is the reason why the complex structure of the protagonist’s consciousness is such an important aspect, frequently emphasized by the author.

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50, 2010

Strony od 27 do 40

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