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O metafi zyce poezji Leśmiana. Między Bergsonem a Sołowjowem

  1. Agata Janiak


On the metaphysics of Leśmian’s poetry. Between Bergson and Solovyov

The author of the article treats Leśmian’s poetry as a type of literature which can be read in the context of metaphysics, religion and spirituality. Metaphysics is understood here both as a literary concept and as a philosophical challenge. As an alternative to Henri Bergson’s philosophy, the author suggests Russian philosophy, primarily that of Vladimir Solovyov. Solovyov’s concept of natural man is juxtaposed with Bergson’s idea of primeval man. The author uses the similarity between the two concepts to emphasise the role of intuitive thinking — so important for Leśmian. She also combines metaphysics with the problem of language as a tool that hinders the transmission of a spiritual experience. Using selected examples the author shows how the poet seeks to convey transcendence through poetic language and “translate” epiphany into text.

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Prace Literackie

53, 2013

Strony od 51 do 62

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