Kto chciałby mieć Kordiana pod swoim dachem? Perspektywy badań nad ironią Juliusza Słowackiego

  1. Olga Taranek


Who would like to have Kordian under their roof? The prospects of research on Juliusz Słowacki’s irony

The article outlines the problem of Romantic irony in Juliusz Słowacki’s works, a problem that in Polish literary studies has been trapped in methodological pluralism, dangerous also for terminological reasons. Using the metaphor of Kordian’s homelessness, the author analyses contradictory tendencies that appeared in the studies of Słowacki’s irony already in the early 20th century. At the same time, by placing irony in the historico-literary and cultural tradition, she tries to divide this aesthetical-axiological category according to literary paradigms, schools, trends or research methods. Thus she establishes the epistemological forms of irony, set within the post-structuralist trends, forms important in the context of Słowacki the ironist.

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Prace Literackie

49, 2009

Pages from 141 to 153

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