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Jeszcze o dygresjach w "Beniowskim"

  1. Henryk Gradkowski


More on digressions in Beniowski

The author of the article tries to explore the “kaleidoscopic” nature of the poem, focusing his attention on digressions and deliberately pushing the story to the background. He analyses various digressions, generally respecting the linearity of the text, though not giving up a problem-related classification. The wide scope and intentional variability of the digressions reflect, as the author emphasises, the “crisis of Romantic individualism” (Stefan Treugutt’s term), which was expressed in the need to look for realism matching a permanent attribute of Słowacki’s writing – irony. The article ends with a coda in the form of a reference to a remark by Ignacy Chrzanowski that the poem is “an artistic expression of all changing feelings and moods accompanying the creative process”.

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Prace Literackie

49, 2009

Strony od 51 do 62

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